Julescosby's Blog

Born in the early 80s, probably on a farm, Adam Christopher Richards moved to Toronto sometime after his whole town packed up and moved underground in an effort to avoid the deadly sun blasts and gays that were sure to follow Y2K.

Upon his arrival, he was quick to realize that he would need to change his all-too-jewish sounding name if he was to make it in there, and thus, make it anywhere.

Surviving off bank loans, government handouts, and chick peas, “Jules Cosby”, as he came to to be known, found a home in the surly academia of the pinko populated York University Politics program. And now after many, many years honing his craft, Jules is ready to do what has never been done before and is putting a Liberal Arts degree to good use through the practice of anonymous rants directed at the very institutions that paid for his education, and really his whole life at large.

Here, on the trusted internets, Jules Cosby will be crossing the rubicon of ignorance on a ship made of wit, in an effort to take back the times from the bloated ignorance and acceptance that has traumatized a world sitting in hope, waiting for that iron-jawed saviour of myth.

Faith has been rewarded friends.  Welcome to the Jules Cosby Blog.

As Chris Farley once said: “a lot of peoples’ girlfriends are in there”


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